30 November, 2005

Quote of the Day

"'If I were trying to fake this, I would put stars in the image,' he said referring to the complaint made by hoax proponents that the Apollo photos lack stars. If this had been an oversight, he said, it's an amazingly stupid thing to have forgotten, considering the scope of the 'hoax.'"(1)

Indeed. Why can't people just accept the fact that there are many more interesting technologies out there than those that allow us to go all the way to the moon and back? Put in different terms, why would our government care to spend the herculean amounts of money and resources it takes to carry out such a mission today when there are myriad other pressing technological projects at hand? Here's one example.

Update: I made the mistake of implying that the US government is not interested in going back to the moon any time soon. I forgot to add the caveat that while our current president has called for the realization of such goals, the aim is to go to Mars, using the Moon as a waypoint in our efforts to colonize space.

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