20 May, 2004

The genius of Lycett

"Global forces are always constituted locally"
This is what has been running through my mind since it sprung
from the font of wisdom known as Lycett today in class (the one I briefly abandoned this blog for). It is a good summation of the personal processes that have been working themselves out
since I took that one class with His Smithness. A, my wonderful boyfriend,
concludes that my political leanings are going right...he sees
my champoining of the US war effort as symptomatic of something more sinister-
that I am embracing the conservitive side of life.
But the deeper I get into this post-postcolonial anthropology, the more I realize that
the "colonialists" and "anti-colonialists" are using the same language; creating still
the same paradigm of victims and victimizers, without at all giving either side agency or even, to say the least, humanity- no matter how much they claim to do otherwise.

so what else to say?...

A is up on the north side, working in this center for undocumented children. Tonight I have the apartment to myself...and Rosita (that fat cat). I am supposed to go to a sampling workshop tonight, to learn how to be a good archaeologist...but I am tired...up too late slogging through the internet.

The only quesiton I have left at this moment is...Is LaRouche alive or dead?

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