27 May, 2004

Not much to say today....

...spent the last couple of nights up late trying to turn in homework assignments on time. I'm taking a statistics class specifically for archaeological students (oh boy, arent I a dork) and today I had two presentations, one of which I was so unprepared for that if it hadnt been for a paper on the "native" anthropologist that A gave me, I wouldnt have said anything and have forced poor Yotam to take up my slack. And I still dont know what the hell "ranked data" means...
Been preparing myself for the big summer trip to PERU!!! I will be living in this small town 8 hours from Lima, but Im told that there are internet cafes, so I will be able to post while down there (and share all the exciting news).
well, this is kinda of a boring post, and I havent quite said anything profound yet have I?
Well, Im gonna cop this great link I found on Sullivan's site concerning gay Muslims, cause its an awfully important issue and a remainder of what we are up against in this cultural war. It makes one wonder, how the far left, supposedly all for equality and gay rights, could believe that these jihadists and bigoted Isalmofundimentilists are morally superior to the rest of us.
Check it out.


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