25 June, 2004

The jihadi bunny express....

So today is my last day of work at the graduate programs biomedical sciences cluster here at the grand ol' U of C. By this time next week I will be leaving for the airport on my way to a most exciting journey, a turning point in my life. As anyone who knows me well knows, my dream for a long time has been to be an archaeologist. In Peru I will finally have my chance to learn the craft...and the site I will be working on is amazing, I feel very lucky to have this chance to work there. It is the San Jose de Moro site in the Jequetepeque valley on the North Coast. This is the same place where they found those now famous burials of the priestess that finally helped prove the reality of the Sacrificial Ceremony so ubiquitous in Moche art. These womaen, the most famous (dead) women in all of Latin America, were dressed in the acrouments of their professions in life, and these costumes match that of a pivotal figure in the Scarificial Ceremony, the Bird-woman who gives the cup of blood to the main diety. Looking at the pictures posted on the site, it seems that finding a burial or random sacrificial victim is not wholly uncommon, so I hope to find one myself. If only I could remember my bones...
This weekend I will be reporting from the Russell family reunion out in Iowa, which is a side of the family that I have not met. It also happens to be the Scottish side, of which I am very much interested in...ya know, the whole "gotta know the roots" type deal.
In foreign news...the Jihadi bunnies are stepping up their attacks. They killed about 100 people their, most of them Iraqis. If anyone is missing the irony in this let me know. Whats funny is the media's reference to these people as "insurgents", as if they were true-blue Iraqis fighting against the oppressive overlords...but they're not. While some are certainly Iraqis (like Sunni hardliners or Baathists dead-enders), most are by far foreign fighters being smuggled into the country to kill other Muslims. I am puzzeled by the left's continuing support of these people, labeling them "resistance" or "freedom" fighters. The doctrine of the left, pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-woman pro-brown people, is at odds with the doctrine of the jihadi bunnies, and this is an understatment. I find it hilarious to see women on TV defending the bunnies vehemently without realizing that if they had their way, these women would be in burqas. But hey, the bunnies are brown remember? and according to the left its all right for brown people to set women on fire and throw homosexuals off buildings cause we know the only true racists in this world are whites. Indeed.


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