03 July, 2004

Here the stop signs say "PARE"

In México they said "ALTO", but it still means stop. Just some of the little differences that I have been noticing here. Like, for instance, no one says "órela", which is a fun mexican expression. Also, instead of adios its chau. But other than that, many things are similar. The pre-columbian and colonial histories are quite similar too.
I am still trying to accept that I am actually here in Perú...its like I cant quite believe it yet. But I am sure that after a few days it will hit me. Tonight we travel to the sites, so I wont be here long in Lima, but from what I have seen it's a nice city. This morning we all woke up early to take a tour, which mostly involved checking out the main cathedral in town, the one where they have Pizarro's bones (ps they hate him a lot here, more than the Mexicans hate/dislike Cortéz) in a glass case. The place was interesting and our guide was a lot of fun, she even took us into the tombs under the church where they bury the archbishops. The tombs even contain the first archbishops in Perú, dating back to the 1500s. That part was fun.
Then we went to the anthroplogy musuem, which had a lot of neat ceramics and textiles that were beatifully perserved. It was plenty amazing, especially since they had a couple of the Moche porn pots , you know, the ones with the penises and copulations. Fun.
In the square outside the cathedral there were all these kids in school bands competing. July is the independence month in Perú, and all month long they have festivals and celebrations. We were told that that was why all those school bands were in the plaza.
Well, not much else to add. I will be working at the site monday through friday, from 7 in the morning till 5 in the evening. Ack! 7 doesnt even exist for me as an hour of time, I cant believe that I will have to be up then. Oh well, finding a skeleton will make it all worth it.

ps. once I figure out how to get pictures on this site...

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