05 July, 2004

So the fish bit back

As Luis Jaime told me last night, I come from a different zoo than this one. Yeah i did have a lot of fun yesterday fishing in the river, but last night I became, well, not really sick but sick enough. Vomited about 3 times. The worst part of the whole thing was that the puke was entirely rice...and that stuff is so not fun to throw up. I wont go into the details, except to say that I hope it never happens again- I mean, not the puking but the rice. Yuck. Anyway, everyone was really nice- getting me water, a bucket and some nasty tasting hydrating stuff (thank God Steve went out this morning and bought some Gatorade for me cause I dont think I could have handled drinking more of that stuff- for Christ's sake it was anise flavored...ewww). Woke up in the wee hours with everyone else, cept they told me that Luis Jaime and my jefe del proyecto, Martín, didnt want me to go out to the field today. I was a little pissed (got up early for nothing!) but got over quickly cause frankly its a good idea that I rest before going out tomorrow, otherwise I could have made myself ten times sicker, like dehydrating or something. So I went back to bed, read for a while than passed out. Had some strange dreams, like waking up (in the dream of course) at 6:30 pm and freaking out cause I had slept the whole day away. Which in fact made me sit straight up in bed panicking that the dream was true. But it was only 12:30, and feeling guilty about missing so much of the day when I could be working and helping out, I got up quickly and went over to the other house where the lab is. I asked Steve if there was anything I could do, and he immediately set me to cleaning some beads he had found two seasons ago. It was a little boring, but exhilirating at the same time cause I was holding beads made about 1200 yrs. ago. Exciting, especially since the craftsmanship was so fine, I mean like some of these beads were tiny tiny tiny and made of shell. After spending time doing this Steve took me to lunch, and I was happy cause the food was staying down and I felt pretty good. He paid and everything, which is really nice of him (I like Steve!) then we returned to work where I finished up some of the beads and then searched for a particular set that contained gold pieces shaped like corn (which I did find after going through some 20 bags of tiny tiny beads). Then I helped some old dude who was taking pictures of the artifacts and he talked to me the whole time about what he was doing, which I thought pretty cool cause I felt involved in the whole process (he even asked me, after taking to pics, which one was better and he kept the one I chose). Being the boring person that I am I went back to bed for a little bit, feeling a little tired and all. For the second time I woke up feeling bettter, ate some leftovers from lunch and now here I am at the internet café. Ahh, life! I miss all those I love...email me sometime.


ps. So when we were in the museum two days ago, I found this newspaper that said Marlon Brando had died. At first we thought it was a joke...then realized that it couldnt be. Confirmation came when I saw another newspaper reporting the same. Well, I dont know if he had any nicknames, but he was an awesome actor and the world will miss his craft.

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