12 August, 2004

When Hellboy meets the bus ride from Hell....

Okay, so it actually wasnt that bad, but the whole thing was certainly a drag. First, the woman who sat next to me, once she found out that I speak English, practically insisted that I teach her words and other Anglo stuff, such as the pronouns, the alphabet (English pronounciation) and whatever verbs occured to her (¿qué is bailar? ¿qué is leer?). The funny thing was that she couldnt pronounce some of the words really well, and had a difficult time with "read" and "write". Another funny thing...she was very serious about the whole thing, not just curious and comparing languages. She would sit there and practice the words (yo, I...tú, you...nosotros, we). In the morning she asked me to write everything we had practiced on a piece of paper...definately one of the more stranger experiences I have had on a bus.

I guess what really made it bad and not just merely annoying was that I couldnt get my hands on any diazepam before I left, so I slept awfully on the bus, waking up with every single turn. At one point the bus stopped for nearly an hour- I think it was a problem with the battery or engine, cause all these guys got out and tooled around for a long time to get it back up and running. This made us late for our arrival in Chiclayo...in fact we didnt get in until after 10...the bus should have been there around 7.

And so whats the Hellboy reference? It was the movie they played on the bus, and although it was cheesy it wasnt too bad for a Hollywood movie. The only thing that sucked was the woman next to me kept asking questions while I was trying to watch it and she also asked me what was going on in the movie- hilariously, she asked me if I could understand everything that they were saying...I dont know what she assumed when I said I spoke English....


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