08 September, 2004

Iraqi children enjoy new game of "Kicking the Dead When Completely Toasty".

"The city remains divided. It is a lawless sanctuary for all kinds of criminal and enemy elements. It has a history of being relatively incorrigible and Iraqis from outside the city regularly tell us that "the only solution is to level the city." The history of the city and the animosity of other Iraqis toward it has cultivated a level of xenophobia that results in astounding levels of paranoia and isolationism"

This is a quote from a letter Lt. Col. David G. Bellon wrote to his dad on July 30 about the situation in Fallujah, where he is stationed. Its interesting that even other Iraqis find this city in extreme distaste, considering Fallujah's status as the place where "the Americans have failed" thus proving " therefore they have failed in all of Iraq" theories of those lovable lefties (which by the way, I would love to meet someone who is ideologically left but supported the war against Hussein and his Ba'ath buddies--cause the two dont have to be mutually exclusive). Their suggestions of leveling the city (kaboom!!!) comes from a long time of having to deal with a place that is nothing more than a criminal rat's nest. And as the Lt. Col. directly says above, Fallujah's criminality is inbreed- Iraqi xenophobia and general disgust have left the city in isolation...and we all know what happens when people are isolated: paranoia and inbreeding- hey Colonial Tovar! Yeah!

Anyway, do please check it out...great summary and dissection of the situation...


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