26 October, 2004

And the train plows on...

In the coming gloom looms doom....the 2004 Elections!

These are grand times to be honest. And I have to admit the truth--I have been waffling a bit myself lately...maybe its because I am entrenched in anti-bush, anti-iraq war territory, surrounded by those who cannot say "President Bush" in a sentence without saying the words "is evil". I find myself tested, my convictions constantly called into question simply because everywhere I go there a flyers calling for the heads of the current admin. As someone who supported/s the war it can get a little tough, esp. given that all my friends are on the opposite side of the fence on these issues. Andrew Sullivan recently came out endorsing Kerry and makes quite an eloquent case too. I found myself wavering while reading, particularly when he mentions the massive loathing the rest of the world has for Bush, whether deserved or not, and that a change in admin would certainly do much to alter other countries' positions towards the US esp the Iraq situation.
But I also cant quite help but feel that electing Kerry would somehow be a greater mistake. To exit Iraq now would be one of the biggest disasters ever, and I therefore cannot consciously vote for a man who includes among his base support a sizable number of people that want to get the HELL OUT OF DODGE. AT THIS MOMENT. His base also happens to include people that thing the whole project was a mistake in the first place- and Kerry himself says this too. And I wholeheartedly disagree with that.
What will my vote be on Nov. 2? After intense soul-searching, I will probably only know when I step into that voting booth.


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