10 November, 2004

And so-on

Honesty is the best policy.

Blogging has been very light lately, hasnt it? School has consumed my life...I dont even go out on weekends, although I have promised A that we shall make an effort...and then theres the plans with Eric, who is supposed to launch me into the stratosphere of stardom.

Though I was strongly tempted to blog during the tumultuous week that was Election Week, I resisted on two grounds 1) enough was being said by everyone and their mother, what could I add except that my candidate won and it was fun watching it happen and 2) I am absolutely lazy, and besides there was...well, school.

And so whats been happening now? I find myself slightly depressed at all times....I blaming it on the lack of archaeology classes this quarter. Normally I take two or three...cause thats what I am interested in, darn it. But instead I have been forced to take classes in other areas of anthropology that I, to be completely honest here, have no interest in whatsoever. Coming off the high of my first arch dig and having no classes in which to keep that momentum going has been quite a drag, to say the least. Hopefully this winter will be better.

Other than this? Filiing out an application for the MAPSS program here at the UC. Im gonna have to hound my recommenders and myself to get it down, as the deadline marches on...Dec 28 is d-day folks, wish me luck.


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