22 November, 2004


So un-inspired, I use a fake word as a title.

Anyhoo, drawing to the end of the quarter...thank god!!! I cant believe I made it through the torment of no archaeology classes whatsoever...and I find myself increasingly resenting this one class Im taking, so much so I am not even going to give my prof the privelege of giving me a grade. Instead Im taking the easy way out and aiming for a pass/fail...because I just cant bring myself to care about the final. Im just absolutely not interested.

Well, everything will be better next quarter. Im taking another class with the brilliant Lycett, all about placemaking and landscape, how human societies affect the environments they are in and reorganize physical places. Should be fun. Another class is all about the Aztecs, with the end of the class focusing on how many Mexicans, outside and within Mexico, are formualting identities based on the Aztecs and what does this mean...I will, of course, bring up the fact that they are still indigenous groups in Mexico and some of these groups posses the historical memory of having resisted Aztec hegemony...how will they factor into this Mexican identity if it exclusively mentions only the Aztecs. Should be fun.


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