11 November, 2004

Welcome Back Cos!

All right all right, so I am mining CNN for a little blogging inspiration, but after reading about that despicable human being Moore my eye was caught by an article called The Outspoken Bill Cosby. Bill's doing something that I have longed for- a powerful figure in the black community is finally speaking out about the problems the community faces...high drop-out rates, high pregnancy rates, more black youths in jail than in school or working...and he's not blaming the "white establishment" but is imploring that they look to within, to see why, of all the minority communties in America, they seem to be plagued with the worst.

Of course there's the usual griping about airing the black community's dirty laundry---and to be frank, I am really sick of that shit. "Oh if we talk about that, then it will make our community look even worse" Well damn, we're all aware of the statistics...crime, poverty, out of wedlock birth rates...so how can actually discussing what's wrong make anything worse? Maybe talking about things and think of solutions or ways to help and improve the community might make things better....perhaps.


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