19 December, 2004

Long time, no write

Hey everybody!

Been immersed in finals....well, that was well over a week ago, and since then I have been avoiding blogging cause I just felt, well, so burned out by those finals. Anyway, Im back and re-energized, having found some pretty juicy stuff on the web.

As for life...grades are good. I finally recieved an A in an anthro class, so I am pretty happy about that. Working on my applicaiton for MAPSS at the UC...right now A is supposed to be editing my statement of purpose, hope he gets that finished by tonight so I can send it to this one prof who's writing a rec for me.

Not much else to report on personal matters...well, went to a party last night but had more fun with a neighbor of mine. She came over with a bottle of wine, we went to the party and then ditched it to go to her house and eat. Fun.


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