11 July, 2005

Long Live Kim Jung Il----in Watch form!

I have a little bird, Chris, who encourages me to blog. Today this post, at least this particular post, is dedicated to him...as he is the inspiration....

So my little bird alerted me to the world's best example of A) irony and B) the allure of capitlism. Check it out, the Official North Korea website, complete with merchandise and pictures of the dear leader. Actually, in true dictatorial Korean fashion, before you can get to all the good stuff like tourist info and how to purchase yer very own cd of screeching Korean children, you have to stare at two pictures of said dear leader and his god-like father. In a bold banner floating above the pictures runs the statement:

The Leaders are the Sun of the nation and mankind.

No fucking joke this one. You actually have to click a link to continue on to the main menu. How funny is that...if you dont realize thats what u need to do u end up staring at the dear leaders for minutes on end.

On the merchandise site, you can create your own account! How neat, now I can have my very own account with the bloody dictator. Oh thank you, dear leader! Kim Jung-Il 4-ever!

Think I just might get my own "Childrens Republik badge".


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