25 July, 2005

Summer in the City -- Hot!Hot!Hot!

Okay, so it appears that Chicago is in the midst of a heat wave. oh boy. Yesterday was the first day, and A and I spent the whole day camping out in our bedroom with the air conditioner and an ice bucket packed with various liquid treats. The night before we had gone out to a club for a party a friend of mine was having....that was pretty cool, if only because my friend had ordered a whole bottle of vodka with all the accruements....ice, juice...red bull. Afterward we ended up at our neighbor's house where somehow I ended up involving myself in that stupid Camerion Diaz movie "the smelliest thing".

Anyway, A and I didnt go to bed until like 2am...and slept till noon, which admittedly is late for us because even though we are at the heighth of our so-called youth we keep sleep schedules like senior cits. Once we had sufficiently struggled out of bed, our neighbor of the previous evening telephoned (tehe) and we went off to eat brunch at Salonica's, or as I affectionately call it, Saliva Monkey. We quickly shoveled in the sub-par food (although my reuben wasnt half bad) and fled back to the sancturary of processed cold air while neighbor lady went off to work.

The rest of the day we spent in the room. There was a brief excursion to get movies, liqour, ice and other refreshments but other than that....oh, and the half hour i ventured out to grill (yes, in the midst of a heat wave, grill) some hamburgers...other than that we never left the room. Practically. When possible. It was actually a lot of fun...we had wine and Gatorade and fruit juices and never wanted for anything.

Except perhaps for a better working air conditioner. But hey...whatever.


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