27 July, 2005

Unrest in Iran and Cuba---Viva la Revolucion!

Via Gateway Pundit, unrest and violent riots are occurring in Iran. Ethnic minorities there, including the small Arab population and the larger Kurdish one (remember kiddies, the Iranians are Persian) are protesting the oppressive regime. Gee, looks like America isnt the only one having trouble with minorites, aye? (so sick of people acting like that sometimes, as if America is the only country in the world with race/ethnic tensions, jesus).

On the other side of the world, Castro's Cuba is experiencing some unrest as well. Today apparently was the 52nd celebration of Castro's De-revolucion and it was, it seems, quite a quiet affair with no pompous mass demo en el aire libre.

COMMUNIST Cuba marked the 52nd anniversary of the start of President Fidel
Castro's revolution today without a traditional outdoor mass rally and under a
cloud of growing social discontent.

Yes! Sorry to sound excited about it, but trouble for Castro is always good news to me. This is one of the most oppressive regimes in the world, one that routinely puts dissadents in jail, tortures prisoners and executes people for the crime of homosexuality. I will cheer the day when the old fart is over thrown. Adios cabron!

(Hat-tip Instapundit).


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