25 October, 2005

Adventures in Laptop Land

Okay so last week I went to the Reg [Jason calls it our very own "military industrial complex" but thats only cause of the brutalist architecture and not cause Enrico and some other dudes split an atom in the basement-- heh] which I don't do normally due to the firm belief that the Reg sucks your soul out through the bones [again...brutalist architecture]...but I did it and I read like 120 pgs. in 3 hrs. I was like, damn I can do this now...I can go and study at the stupid library (biblioteca)---as long as I have coffee.

So I had a shitload of reading to do today and I skipped down there, all pumped and ready to read...yeah coffee! Eh, but I had brought my laptop with me...and instead of reading I downloaded all these programs that are just simply necessary to have--not kidding--like trillian and winamp...and oh also filezilla, mozilla, picasa...ya know, everything a post post modern comp user needs. I didnt even finish one article, and apparently I also really annoyed this boy sitting in the chair across from me. Oops.

Sigh. But its getting increasingly difficult to study at home. So I shall go again tomorrow...sans laptop...well no...sans laptop on. er. Laptop!


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