22 November, 2005

A Belated Letter of Introduction

Half a dozen posts into this blogging endeavor and I have not yet introduced myself. How rude, you might say, but where shall I begin?

I am a 20-something alum of the University of Chicago, where I majored in Anthropology and Latin American Studies. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and spent my pubescent and teenage life in Tampa, Fl. I currently live in Chicago with my supportive and beautiful girlfriend, Eve. On weekdays I help make ends meet as a Desktop Support Tech. By night you can find me either online (50% of the time), in front of the tube (25%), or with my head buried in a book (10%), generally while cozying up to my girlfriend and our lovely but whiny (fe)male cat (more on the ambiguity of "his" gender later). Eve and I are also enthusiastic students of the culinary arts, though we do not consider ourselves "gourmands" (nor do we aspire to such lofty goals).

I am a committed Google user and avid Wikipedia reader (I edit articles and stubs occasionally). I read a few niche-politics blogs here and there, though I generally get my news from select sites, including tech-news and general world news. I depend on Google News for general news (I don't read newspapers as I once did), but also The Economist (a self-titled "newspaper" which I prefer in print form). I also read Slashdot for general tech-news and views, and sometimes The Register and less so Ars Technica, especially for their usually insightful technology op-eds. I am particularly interested in the convergence of politics and technology -especially Information Technology, of which I consider myself an amateur enthusiast-, Venezuelan news and events, but also the Latin American region as a whole. I plan to write posts in the journalistic style, whether short ones or ones in short-essay form, with topics that will generally adhere to my interests.

There's not a lot more I would like to include in this relatively brief space. Don't be afraid to email me or Eve with any questions or comments. Of course, you're always welcome and encouraged to post those inquiries and contributions directly on our blog.

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