28 November, 2005

Doomsday predictions

Arg....only two more days and then I have to give a big presentation on my paper topic for my Cities/Urbaniztion course! Arg! Arg again! Since it was the holidays, nothing was accomplished...nothing at all, though I did manage to work through two books and a paper. But now Im freaking out since there is not a lot of time left for anything and on top of that I have to work which, though I absolutely love the people I work with, I am starting to regret...I just have way too much work. Trying to grasp and then explicate the emic spatial ideologies of a people with a confusing grab-bag of mythic, semi-historical histories like the Mexica/Aztecs is a very daunting task and Im just so freakin worried that Im not up to the challenge (oh hey, so there's a hint at what Im doing for the MA thesis, although I still plan to post the complete picture later).

Whew...I just have to remember two things: 1) Ed loves me and 2) Im a world-class bullshitter.


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