21 November, 2005

Getting all the love.....

Apparently in Mongolia, of all places...but hey brotha, more power to you! If Ulan Bator is the place to be Mr. President, I encourage you to go. Its not like Latin America-ahem Mar De Plata*- is calling all that much on the phone anymore....(just kidding, vergueishon).

In bitchty diva news, Christina Aguilera finally does one better than Brit and marries someone with an actual career and money of his own, some dude named Bratman--whoever he is, we can at least thank him for convincing her to stop that stupid X-tina thing with the buttless chaps...yuck, that was a trend that had to be over. Congrats Mrs. Bratman.

And in other news....I am super, demasiado busy this week...posting either may be light or heavy depending on whether or not the Reg drives me crazy enough....


*To be fair, the people of Mar De Plata did not participate in the riots as far as I know...except for having their businesses burned and livlihoods destroyed.

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