24 November, 2005

Happy Turkey-day

Everyone's upstairs watching "National Lampoon's Christmas"-something or another and since its not like the 30th or 31st time I've seen that movie I'm down in the basement cuddled up with a glass of St. Bernardus 12. Its been an interesting Thanksgiving with relatives that I haven't seen in years...like eight since I last saw my cousin Matt, who's certainly grown up into a fine young person; and there's also Uncle Dave who, as my mom keeps informing, just got engaged to Lauren.

Im usually ambivilant towards holidays (though not towards the food...yum) but this Thanksgiving has acutally been sorta special. Living east of the Mississippi while everyone else lives west of the Rockies makes getting together for casual and/or holiday gatherings quite difficult...so its certainly nice and indeed very pleasant to finally have family you never see around the dinner table.

Okay enough mushiness. Gonna go read a bit and pass out.


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