17 November, 2005


As anyone who either attends the University of Chicago or lives in Hyde Park knows, K&G Building Management are EVIL...blood-sucking, baby-eating Satanically EVIL. K&G, also affectionately known as the "Slumlords of Hyde Park" by disgruntled tenants, own a monopoly on cheap apartments in the neighborhood. Even if you tried, you cant help but rent from them because they are fucking everywhere. No kidding. Unfortunately, despite owning everything under the sun, the company seems to never have enough money to keep up their buildings. Therefore, shit dont git fixed--there's a hole in our wall thats been there for three years...since we moved in. We called them about it for ages and then just gave up. Apparently thats a familiar feeling for those that occupy this cheap deathtraps.

So the current complaint we've lodged is the lack of hot water for a shower....for the past three days. I havent showered since Monday, and I feel like shit....my hair is greasy and I sure dont smell so pretty anymore. A--or perhaps now that he's changed his name, Vergueishon-- keeps coming back into the room half-washed and cranky because the shower goes from barely tepid to freezing cold in the time it takes for him to just start putting shampoo in his hair. I dont know how our roommate's handling it, cause this morning I heard him bravely showering for at least 7 minutes, which translates to at least 4 minutes of ice-cold water. The worst part of the whole thing is that the weather just took a turn for the worst---yesterday it was in the 30s and today started out in the mid-teens. Yuck.

K&G is sooooooooooooo EVIL. I cant wait until the City comes down on them. Maybe.

Well, whatever happens...Im showering at my parents house tomorrow. For an hour.


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