07 December, 2005

Forget the Middle East...what about peace in Gaza?

Violence continues in the Gaza strip, as gun battles leaves one woman dead and several others wounded. Whats different of course is the absence of the convienent scapegoat IDF; instead the finger is pointed inward, as it was clashes between two Palestinian clans that created today's destruction. It had began earlier though when a dispute between the two erupted into violence leading to the death of five clansmen. When government authorities failed to reach a satisfactory solution to the dispute, the clans began to shoot it out, apparently, although...

The heads of both feuding families later "agreed to stop these regrettable incidents," the official said.

This of course spells trouble for the process of building a viable Palestinian state and underscores so-far the inability of the PA to enforce the law and impose order. Even Reuters admits the problem of lawlessness plaguing the strip. I think everyone in the world is aware of the momentous importance of the PA's performance in Gaza as a example of how they will do later once, hopefully, they have a larger piece of the pie (and a higher stake in the region).

Lets hope that the PA can get something done soon--I dont think that they will have a long window of opportunity to begin effectively the process of developing a viable state if they dont start taking internal security matters more seriously. If it takes too long for them to, basically, get their shit together, then its very likely that Gaza could sink into a civil/tribal warfare type place of the Afghanistan persuasion.

Perhaps Im being a bit pessimistic but given how these things turned out in the past...am I wrong to not get my hopes up too high?



vergueishon said...

Don't forget Lebanon, though I'm not an expert on the region. On the other hand, what exactly were these families feuding over?

Eve said...

Sure, we cant forget Lebanon, but we must also remember that they had big-brother Syria there to enforce peace and assist (or not) in the rebuilding process. As far as I know, aside from international "support" the PA is alone in this endeavor.
Im not sure what the families were feuding over, the article wasnt too clear, but it is obviously something big as 6 people have already died because of it. Land rights perhaps?