05 December, 2005

Waiting for the Loan

Boy, am I glad loan actually rhymes with "Godot".

Anyway, yes I am still waiting for my saving-grace-Hail-Mary loan to come in--although happily I now know that it is definitely coming in as I was informed by the loan rep Friday that I am approved. Now its just up to the Bursar's office to decide how long they'd like to fuck with me.

Hopefully, it wont be too long...I had to write a rent check today with funds I dont have, and Im hoping a sticky note stuck to the check with the plea "Please dont deposit until Friday--insufficient funds" will persuade my management company will hold off until it arrives. And again hopefully that loan will show up before Friday. I feel like Ive been stretched to the limit/breaking point and I cant hold on much longer...any longer to wait and my hold will snap.



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