03 January, 2006

New Year...new shit

Yo yo, ¡prospero año a mis amigos!

Anyway what with Grandma's passing and all I've been quite out of it.
I was supposed to be working on a final over break and I had all the intentions of doing so but I found her death...well, not hard but just off-balancing. I've been simply trying to collect all the threads of my life and make sure they dont fray.

School's starting today. I only have one class, thank god, and its one I tried taking before, but that was during the infamous "BAD QUARTER" of 2003 when I really fucked myslef over and withdrew from a few classes. This time should be much better; not only am I more mature (hopefully) but I'm also more dedicated, more focused in my head and certainly in a much better place emotionally. The class, btw, Bioarchaeology of the Human Skeleton, so I will be playing with bones and learning what they are (yeah zygomatic arch!)

In other news...cheerleading injuries are, apparently, on the rise. Gee, when you try to make something relatively "easy" into a "sport", then you will see more "sport-like" injuries, natch. Can I get a D-U-H! DUH!


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