07 February, 2006

I'm gonna call it what it is....

And I say its BULLSHIT. This cartoon raging going on amongst the restless and bored young men of the Mideast. Though its been portrayed by the media as some sort of spontaneous demonstration of relgious outrage and cultural offense, there is also that awful whiff of corruption and state sponsorship; in other words, rather than a collective showing of huffness and general pissed-offness, it is instead a government job, encouraged behind the scenes by shady g-men of Damascus, Riyadh, Cairo, Beruit, Tehran and Arafat from the grave.

So why is this whole Muslim cartoon outrage thing PURE AND UTTER BULLSHIT? Let me enumerate:

1. The No. 1 reason given for the offense is that it is forbidden in Islam to portray the Prophet Mahomet. BULLSHIT. Despite this taboo artists have been depicting him for ages, even in the Mideast. In fact, you can go into any bazaar or marketplace in Tehran and buy this:


2. These cartoons were published four months ago. Thats right...back in November. And they're only getting mad about it now? Hmm, doesnt it seem suspicious this outrage erupts right around the time

3. The media keeps repeating the blantant lie that it was specifically the 12 cartoons published orginally in that Danish newspaper that has angered people (you can seem them here)

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