01 February, 2006

So what's been going on, eh?

Well...not been posting in a while. Spent Thursday through Sunday in Arizona with vergueishon and my Grandpa--still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it is indeed just him now. Green Valley happens to be located in one of the prettiest spots in Arizona: at sunset for a brief five minutes the mountains turn a rich red-purple unlike anything I have ever seen. It was as well vergueishon's first time in the southwest and he enjoyed it immensely. I dont know exactly what it is about the desert (and no, its not that absolutely dry empty desert devoid of life...there are an amazing amount of plant and animal species here that are truly unique) but its amazingly peaceful and relaxing...its as if there was nothing I had to worry about; I felt incredible calm and at one with the world. Indeed, all I wanted to do, in vergueishon's words, was take a bunch of drugs and go off into the desert, find my spirit animal or something.

Anyhoo, I gave a presentation to day in my Landscape Theory class and felt terribly awful about it. I was so nervous that it felt like my heart was too large and in my throat, blocking off my words and making me sound like a half-winded idiot. Not even sure if I made sense half the time, though Professor Smith seemed delighted by the term "urbo-centric" and made cooing noises of appreciation. Score!

In other news "Mother" Sheehan hailed Venezuela for standing up to militarism (US) and then proceeded to kiss the leader of the military junta (Chavez) on the mouth. Next she will claim to not like meat while smeared in pig grease.

Also, as Clinton raided GOP's idea coffers for some of his more brilliant centrist policies, so too did Bush appear to be reading The Nation in last night's SOTU address. "Addicted to oil"? "Alternative energy" "Lets all be friends and hug one another"? Where's the evil Hitler-cum-Stoopid McChimp that we've all grown to know and love? Did Karl Rove have the day off or is this another part of the stratigery? Whatever is going on, it was the most comfortable Ive ever felt watching Bush give a speech (look Ma! no awkward pauses!). Though it was certainly hi-larious when the Dems applauded Bush's statement that Congress had done absolutely nothing about Social Security. Like "Woohoo, we accomplished nothing! Arent we great? Dont forget to keep voting us in so we can keep wasting yer money!"

And peeps wonder why I am so absolutely disillusioned with the Donkey party.

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vergueishon said...

Man, and after all those plans I had for lavish vacations to far-off lands, to finally appease my incessant urge to gamble away vast sums of money and not to mention the boost in quality of living I've been looking forward to. Now all that money's still going straight to my Social Security account. Gosh darn it! And so down the drain doth my plan go...