27 March, 2006

Real Quick Links

So, not only are camping, traveling abroad and being educated things only white people do, so apparently is marriage.
More black children were born to two-parent households in the days of slavery than today, which is most assuredly a very disturbing statistic. Marriage, it seems, is just not a great option for black women--the group with the lowest rate of marriage--mostly because they outearn and outlearn their male counterparts, a result of the continued instance and emphasis on the infantilization of young black men, who are more interested in being thugs and players than responsible and working adults (these are of course, generalized statements; I personally know many exceptions to this rule).

In other news, Yale continues to weather the controversey over its Taliban student, whom they argue should be a student in the interest of diversity. As this WallStreet journal article points out, thats just a load of bullshit and that there are more deserving candidates out there than someone who promoted and defended an oppressive and criminal regime, such as the many Afghan women who desperately want a university education in the US. There was even a program set up to match worthwhile female candidates with colleges here; these women were not only derserving in the multiculi sense but also because they were well prepared and would not have need remedial course like so many dumbass American college kids that our failing public highschool systems pump out every year like so much pig shit. Yale's response at the time? Disinterest. Apparently, a school like Yale would only be interested if you worked for a regime that committed some of the worst human rights abuses and violence against women as well as destruction of sacred religious sites of the last twenty years.

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