13 April, 2006

New blog

Via Blackprof.com I found this post about the sesquicentennial of Booker T. Washington's birth. Now, what I read in the post partially shocked me, as I never knew that Mr. Washington's legacy was maligned in the black community, with many referring to him as a "house n***er" or "Uncle Tom". Frankly I was pretty surprised, if only because in grade school they taught that Mr. Washington had been an important figure for black education post-Civil War and a great believer in the importance of education, self-reliance and free enterprise. He seemed to me to be an admirable figure despite some of his more socially conservative politics (and again, he grew up during a socially more consiverative time--Victorians, anyone?--so I dont think he should be exactly faulted for this).

The post is an excellent argument for why the black community should pay attention to the legacy of Mr. Washington; that the values he preached--education, self reliance and free enterprise--would do more to move things forward then Jackson and Sharpton's big-government hand-outs/welfare statism solutions and race-poison politics. Beyond just the black community, Mr. Washington's legacy is important for all Americans to remember.

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