08 May, 2006

Chavez in Perpetuity

Chavez will rule the world forever! Well, at least until 2031 and so long as the opposition cries "foul!" during the upcoming presidential elections this year. Yes, the Pluto king of little Venice will put his 25-year term to popular vote by referendum, asking the people "yes or no," should I be king or what? Here's his quote, translated by your trusty blogger:

"If they come out with any scheming crap, accusing us of being cheaters, contesting our victory or removing their candidacy beforehand, then I will convoke a referendum--via decree--and though they may accuse me of seeking to stay in power indefinately, I am going to put the question to you: Do you agree that Hugo Chavez should be president of Venezuela until the year 2031? Yes, or no? We'll see what happens!"

In the meantime, Teodoro Petkoff, editor of the thinking opposition man's newspaper Tal Cual and presidential contender in 2006, said he will keep the "chavista" misiones around. Which is all in keeping with Petkoff's platform, for as a former guerilla from Colombia, his aim is to create a Venezuela without fear, una Venezuela sin miedo: without fear of crime, without fear of political persecution, without fear of an uncertain future. He has also called for the paper trail to be counted in the coming elections, something which the CNE does not seem likely to agree to. In the end, there are many other oppo candidates, and Teodoro has an uphill battle to fight in a fractured terrain.

¿Huguito juguito, cuando pero cuando caeras?

UPDATE: Turns out Chavez was threatening to call for a referendum on term limits, and not a 25-year term, as I had originally understood from his quote. Oops! So he's basically saying that, given the opposition's wihtdrawal or contestation of election results, he'll ask Venezuelans whether they'd like to see him go up for elections again and again until 2031. That said, the question still remains, whether this makes him more Democractic, or less?

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