10 May, 2006

Mixed Blessings

Hurrah Hurrah. Yestery at 10:17am I completed the opus known as my Master's Thesis. Towards the end, it seemed like it wasnt going to happen and I despaired of ever getting it done and then I wouldnt graduate and then fuck...I'd have to have it weighing on my head all summer and I wouldnt be able to enjoy myself and just read fiction! all the time. Boo. But I did it, and its done. I ended up topping out at 51 pages, only 1 page over the limit (page limits! I know, can you believe?) but it easily could have been 100 had I been able to include everything I wanted to or should.

Im trying to be happy about it, but I cant quite manage to bring myself up to it. Most likely its simple exhaustion but as well I found out yesterday that we have to put my beloved dog Scruffy to sleep. We first got the Scruffster when I was nine and she was a mere pup at 6 mo. Though it was pretty rough in the beginning she turned out to be a great dog: quiet, only barked when she wanted to be let in or strangers were at the door, very loving and affectionate...the whole bit. But she's very sick right now, with kidney and liver failure and keeping her alive would just be cruel.

Sigh. Im going north today to make my good-byes.

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