12 July, 2006

A Triumphant Return

Hey everyone,

Gosh its been a while since I posted, hasnt it? I took a break because in the last month a whole confluence of events occured, from starting a new (and stressful) job to moving to the north side to pounding out that goddamn thesis...boy, I was just too tired to even bother to type in the url for this site, let alone post a thought, god forbid.

So how are things going then? Well, my new job maybe stressful, but it sure is a lot more...hmm, fun isnt the right word, but it certainly is more interesting than the last downtown office job I had (although I do miss beer on Fridays!). There is just so much to do every day that I dont even have time to be bored, which is really nice. Though, honestly, nothing beats the ORCSA job (my last student job on campus) because I simply loved and got along with everyone there. Here the envrionment is just a lot more professional, none of that easy-going camaradie or the constant joking that went on at Ida Noyes. Plus my new boss is just this side of intimadating. But whatever, at least Im not banging my head against the wall out of sheer boredom.

Things have also been up since we relocated to the cooler side of town (sorry south-side, but you dont have ethopian restaurants, and there's only so many shrimp and chicken shacks one can stomach). I love being back on the northside, I love being back where everything is in reach--bars, restaurants, movie theaters, libraries, life etc. Of course, there's always that uncomfortable feeling of saying this cause you know and realize that the reason why this is this and that is that is because the south-side, in general, though not always, is poorer (but then, even in the higher-income level areas there is also nothing to do...has anyone ever been by 90th and Pulaski? Honestly its all white people out there, and its still fucking boring. My honest opinion, the south-side just sucks).

As for that dang thesis....well...I hacked it to pieces and then rewrote a ton of it. Hopefully that will make my Preceptor and my Reader like it more. Certainly its better organized and I do think that the argument is stronger, but we wont know, gentle readers, until....hmm, actually, I dont know when but I hope its soon. I renamed the thing also. The new title is "Killing the Lord of the Near and Far: Space and Sacrifice in the Tenochca Mexica World" or something like that. Again, hopefully its better than the last one.

Well, thats just a quick update. Now that I am more settled in and a little less stressed (though I still have a final due, but half of its written anyway)I will certainly be posting more.

Till next time!

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