26 March, 2008

Consider it....RELAUNCHED!

The long-promised for banner is now happily sitting at the top of the blog. I managed to clean it up to statisfication last night and, after a little trial and some tribulation, I was able to get it up on blogger. Thank God Adobe Photoshop as a delightful little option known as "Save as for the Web", which allowed me to not only keep it in the size I want without any awful shrinkage but also corrected the colors for display on webpages. Verguei also came in and worked some HTML magic to get rid of this weird border blogger was throwing up around the banner.

So, with the banner up and a little bio on the right-hand side, my blog is officially RELAUNCHED!!! Some tweaking will occur surely in the next couple of months--changes to the bio, pictures, more links added. But that's just natural growth I guess. Anyway, welcome to the new and improved The Randomness of Atom.

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