07 March, 2008

So far, so good!

Okay, well after spending a few hours or so messing with the HTML code for the blog and basically getting nowhere, I turned to the boyfriend and asked for advice. At first, we considered messing around with Dreamweaver. But as it was taking a while to a) find and download it and b) figure out how to use it with our ubuntu system, I finally had to ask "Would it just be that less of a hassle to just use the blogger template and customize from there?" An exasperated "Yes" on his part was all I needed to go ahead and do just that.

So there we have it. This is what the site will be like for now. I do plan to replace the title and description with my own design, so as to personalize the site somewhat. As you can see, a very shortened blog roll has appeared. As was mentioned before, the blog roll will be limited to archaeology and Latin-America related sites.

Expect a few more changes to come...

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