25 April, 2008

Ah, Friday...por fin!

Friday is here at last! Much as I enjoy working in the field, its nice to take a break. I'm sure my legs are pleased at least. Can't believe though that it's been four weeks already...as much as it sucks to wake up so early in the morning--remember, 5:30 am!--and hiking up the hill is no easy piece, the time does go by quickly. Sure doesn't feel like four weeks.

And so much has happened already--I've already got a wealth of stories. Hitching rides, picking up snakes, playing with wobbly baby goats...it's been fun. Tomorrow will be super-cool. I will be visiting some archaeological sites northwest of Oaxaca--what do archaeologists do on their time-off? they visit archaeology sites!--to check out the ball courts as part of a project I'm doing in exchange for Field Museum money. Should be fun. Then I'll be spending my time in Oaxaca for a bit, gonna grab dinner and maybe take in some gringo-watching in the zócalo before I grab a colectivo back to Mitla. Will definitely be taking pictures!

Oh yeah, I did promise some pictures of wobbly baby goats right? Well, forgot the pics at home--d'oh!--so I promise I will be posting them either Saturday or Sunday. Till later!

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