12 April, 2008

Bang! Boom! There goes the wedding.

About 6 or 7 am this morning we heard a huge bang--of course on the one day we get to sleep in. I remember mumbling "are they mining?" before rolling over and attempting to go back to sleep before hunger just took over and demanded I get up (which I did only a little while later, rising at 7:30 to make myself chorizo and eggs, yum!) As Meg and I walked up Calle Cosijoeza we saw a huge tent in the street with flowers up everywhere. What was going on, she asked and I replied that it had to be a wedding or a birthday party...quienceñera something. As some people walked past I quickly spit out "Hay boda hoy" (Is there a wedding today?) and they replied yes.

When we got to Gary & Linda's it was confirmed that the landlord of their complex's niece's daughter was getting married today (or the dead woman, as they called her, la difunta--la hija de la difunta the daughter of the dead woman). Since then its been constant noise all day, random explosions throughout the day--just a half hour ago there was one so loud that Meg visibly jumped--and right about 2pm or so the band started playing. Apparently, this thing could go all night. Around ten or so the dance music will start and they will put up amplifiers so that everyone within a 2-mile radius can enjoy the party. At that point it will be open to everyone in the neighborhood--even the goats, donkeys and chickens that are always underfoot and loud at 4am--and I plan to stop by and see if they'll let a güera get her groove on.

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