06 April, 2008

A bird in the hand....

So while walking around Oaxaca I had a neat little adventure. I was walking through the zócalo when I saw a mother and her children pointing at something in one of the four fountains there. I leaned over the edge and saw a bird in the fountain struggling to get out, but it's wings were to wet and it couldn't get the traction. The woman waved at me and asked if I could help the bird out--I guess she assumed I was tall enough to reach over and get it out.

After two or three tries--the little bird was totally freaking out--I finally pulled it out of the fountain. The amazing thing? It wouldn't leave my hand! It just kept hanging out. I held it for like ten minutes and kept petting it and cooing to it. I even walked around with it for a while trying to find a sunny place to put it out of the way of people. At first I just set it down on the ground but quickly saw that it wasn't up for moving. So, despite it's cute litte sqeauky protests I picked it back up and moved it to the garden, in the sun and out of the way of trampling feet.

The second amazing thing? After I set it down it let me pet it again for a bit. Then I gave it a little scoot to move it further into the garden where it could be safe.

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