05 April, 2008

Oaxaca! Oaxaca! Oaxaca!

Hola, y bienvenidos a la Ciudad de Oaxaca, la joya de Mexico! (Okay, there should be some accents in there but the keyboard is set to japones and it refueses to switch to either ingles or espanol). I'm here in the capital of the state of Oaxaca, sitting in an internet cafe. Saturdays are my day off and since Gary and Linda had to come here today to fix a car problem Meg and I hitched a ride with them to see the capital and enjoy the sites.

Had breakfast in the zocalo this morning then Meg and I split up to go out on our own. I purchased some rebosos (shawls) from a Mixtec woman and managed to bargain her down to 90 pesos for two rebosos down from 110...score! I bought a negro (black) and a naranjo (orange) because I look good in both colors. I'm trying not to blow all my money today but I have yet to visit the Mercado de Benito Juarez which always has tons of cool stuff. Plus, I still have to go back to the zocalo for a michelada (beer with lime juice and 4 salsas, so try one if you have the chance) and some mezcal.

While walking up and down Avenida Alcala I walked by Iglesia Santo Domingo and the trees in front were in bloom. I have never seen that before, apparently it happens in April, and the blooms were so beautiful! Just this gigantic, gorgeous red flowers that look sort of like orchid blooms. I will post a picture of them once I get a chance.

Till later!

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