23 April, 2008

Omigod baby goats!

So I arrived a little late to the internet cafe, like 40 minutes or so. But it was so well worth it! My hands smell like baby goats! Okay, a little back story. I was just coming to after passing out after work--we all need a nap sometimes--when I saw Meghan approach my bed and check to see if I was awake. Once this had been ascertained to be so, she told me about these baby goats(!) she had seen earlier today--they had been born just that morning and when she saw them they still had blood and birth stuff on them. Sweet!

After dinner we walked down this road, past where the cement ended and it was ungraded and just dirt. Took about twenty minutes to get there, and then we heard it....tiny little bleats. It was dark by that point and we couldn't quite see where they were, but we walked into the yard and went up to the pen with the goats, cooing over the little ones. Then Meghan was like "There's one!" and we saw this wobbly little thing come bleating out from a shed and wobble over to the fence. I tried to take a picture and couldn't as I wasn't close enough.

Then I noticed a kid walking up to the pen and I said that we had been here earlier and could we see the little baby goats? He said sure and "pasale" which is basically come on through. I asked if they were born this morning and he said yes they were. Then the mother and father came out with more of the kids and we platicamos (chatted) as Meghan and I took pictures. At one point the little goat twins came out from the pen where they were to go suckle on their mama and we took pictures with them. Then the father brought out this cute little two-month old puppy and so of course we took pictures with it. Everything was just so cute...there really is nothing like a wobbly little not-even-a-day-old baby goat...er kid. They are just the sweetest, tiniest things around and I am so glad I got to see them.

In exchange for all of this baby animal love, I took a picture of their young daughters and offered to print copies of the photos I took of the girls and the goats for the families. The father offered us a ride in his mototaxi and at first we refused. But then as we were walking back he drove past us and asked us again if we wanted to ride. I said "¿Cuanto cuesta?" ("How much?") and he told us "Por nada" ("for nothing") so I looked at Meghan and we both shrugged our shoulders and hopped in. It was kinda funny cause anytime we went uphill or an incline the mototaxi struggled and meanwhile I'm giving English lessons which mostly consist of how to say "Ud. es guapa" ("You are beautiful") because he thought I was guapa. Er, thanks. At one point it actually got stuck and we had to get out and push it, much to the delight and derision of some jovenes (youths) on the corner. But whatevs, free rides and baby goats! What more could one ask for?

I'll post the pictures on Friday!

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