01 April, 2008

You mean its up there?

Okay, so we all know that intellectually knowing something and actually realizing it/seeing it/doing it are two very different things. I mean, I knew it was a hill-top site and that I needed to be in some sort of physical shape. Well, on my first day there we drove to the site and lo and behold there is the hill.

Doesnt look too bad at first of course. But then once we get past that first rise.

Oh my. You mean we have to keep going? Okay...well huff huff, puff puff I'm climbing the hill.

Wait...there's more? You mean that we have to keep climbing? Geez...what did I sign up for?

Well, for anyone that is curious...to the left of that odd bump on the top is basically where we are. The town of San Matatlan looks tiny from where we are, and my vertigo is much stronger now and I constantly feel like I'm going to fall over any minute. But its beautiful up there and going down is much easier--though pretty scary at the same time--than going up.

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