15 June, 2008

Catching up...last days

Hey hey...sorry its been a while. Had a very interesting and fun weekend with a bit of strangeness mixed in. Too long to tell at the moment, not without a pitcher of beer and 5 friends at least, but suffice to say that there is a good chance I might be in Oaxaca for 6 months next year doing survey work. Awesome. Spent Saturday visiting sites along the highway between Oaxaca and Mitla...took a lot of pictures and had a good time, all of which will be posted to the blog soon--alas, would have posted them tonight but unfortunately the computer I'm on tonight does not have photoshop. Sigh.

Oh well. Things are wrapping up now...we are in the final stages of nuestras tareas en el laboratorio. Next Saturday is the exposition in Matatlán, and after that its basically packing up and shipping out. Its kinda funny actually because the field seems so long ago...almost can't believe that I spent almost 8 weeks hiking up and down a hill, spending 8 hours a day in the sun, excavating some here and there, burials...all that stuff. I miss it a lot, and can't wait to go back. In fact, I may have several opportunities coming up for next year, and my hope is to spend 6 months next year surveying in the north of Oaxaca, the Mixteca Alta, if everything pans out right.

Well, gotta run. Big post on my weekend coming soon!

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