09 July, 2008

Er ya...so back in the States

Hah, so its been some time since I last posted. Right now I'm at my old apartment (ex-apartment?) getting started on the packing process, enjoying once again the rapid connectivity of high-speed internet. Last two weeks have been kinda crazy--the first I spent in Teposcolula, Teotihuacan and about 24 hours in D.F., the second has been spent trying to not only adjust to being in an English-speaking country again but also preparing for and being part of my friend Carolyn's wedding (this one sans elephant, unfortunately). Still trying to screw my head on right.

Anyway, obviously there will be many posts to come, catching up on the last of my adventure in Oaxaca as well as detailing the next chapter in my life which is, of course, moving away from Chicago and to Tucson for my doctorate program. And there will be pictures too! So stay tuned...

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