20 August, 2008

So yeah, now I'm here.

And entering adjustment period.....neeehhhooowwww. Right now I am sitting in the South Ballroom at UofA's Student Union building, taking advantage of the awesome wireless network as I wait for the next phase of the program to begin. What makes this even more awesome is that I am typing away on my brand new black Macbook, pure sex on my lab heh. I love it so much and can't stop kissing it. Silly I know but....

Anyway, still vacillating between excitement about starting this awesome new phase in my life and sadness at what I've left behind. Alex came out with me to hang out in general and help me adjust in particular. Unfortunately, he leaves today to fly back to Chicago and once he does...sigh. That's it. I am here for sure...which is a little hard to accept at the moment because all of my stuff is still in a warehouse somewhere in Chicago and I am currently living out of my suitcase, though I have acquired a desk, a kick-ass laptop and back-up drive, and soon I will actually have a real bed. Well, a futon actually, but it will be custom made and I've always enjoyed futons more than beds anyway. Hopefully, when my stuff finally arrives I will truly accept the fact that I am really here, and for the next 5 years...ack!

Well, will post another update soon. Classes start next week, and I am really looking forward to that. This Friday is also the Anthropology department's graduate orientation, so I will finally get to meet my peers and such. Looking forward to that as well. Cheers!

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