28 May, 2009

The teachers did what?

So May is protest month here in Oaxaca, with the teachers leading the charge and cries of "Vive APPO" ringing around--and spray painted on various buildings. Of course, to understand some of what's going on, one has to go back to the Troubles of 2006, but that's a long and complicated topic which I would rather not get into here. Suffice to say, as Teri did "Is change needed in Oaxaca? Yes. Will it come with the teachers union in charge? No." You can't expect change when those leading the call are practically mafiosos themselves.

Today Bertha and I made the big visit to the immigration office, since all my papers were in order (ay por fin). Everything was reviewed and approved and ready to go. The only problem? The teachers have taken over the banks all over the state. You see, the last thing I need is to take this form (Mexicans love forms) to the bank, make my payment, get it stamped, make copies, and then take these copies plus the original, back to the immigration office. Which would have been possible to day had the teachers not decided that TODAY, of all days (not even Friday, but that's when people get paid!) is the day they are going take over the banks. Damn. But we asked one of the professors when the takeover would be over, and they indicated that it would be over tomorrow. So I'll just take care of that tomorrow.

Sigh. But soon this visa process will be over, and I will be able to join the excavations! I also travel to Mitla today, so hopefully on the way through Tlacolula, I can find the one bank that's open (maybe) and get this stamped so I can just go to the office tomorrow and get my papers!

Anyway, the photos that follow are some of the graffiti that APPO and anarchists have been throwing up on the walls around the Centro Historico.

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