28 July, 2009

Winding down....not yet wrapping up

8 days left of work to do in the Casa Mixteca. This week was supposed to be the mapping week, although we have had some interesting issues with the total station/transit unit. Tested it out today and thankfully it works, but there is all this legal stuff we have to go through, since it has to be signed out and brought back and one of has to sign on the dotted line and accept responsibility for it (that is Memo or I). Ack! Please not me. So we'll be using it tomorrow, and hopefully getting all of the topographic mapping done in two days (por favor dios!).

In other news, I just received word that I have been given a .25 FTE TAship (teaching assistantship for all you non-grads out there)--I will be working with Dave Killick for his Patterns in Prehistory class. This coupled with the .25 FTE RAship (R = research!) means that I can afford school! Sweet. The year will be busy though--working 20 hours a week plus 2 committees and mentoring and whatever other stupid stuff I sign myself up for. Hmm, good thing classes are only once a week so far.

Well, my stay here in Oaxaca is winding down. Though I miss my little family and my big group of friends in Tucson, I'm going to miss Oaxaca more. I don't want to leave. Too many friends here, too many good memories. Its been a difficult, fun, interesting, busy, and quite crazy summer--and while I didn't love every minute of it, I don't regret anything for a second.



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