23 May, 2004

Another day...another post

Checked CNN this morning and for the first time in days the lead story was not tragedy out of Iraq but a roof collapse at a Paris airport. Thank
God for the French- always there to provide comic relief when necessary. Other than that, I mentioned the Arab summit a few posts ago, and the follow-up to that is that the summit fell short of reforms. Is anyone surprised? As long as political legitimacy is based not in the will of the people but in the will of autocratic regimes, then no reforms will take place. The last thing a King or Sheik wants to do is give up even an incremental inch of power, as the danger is being reduced to a figurehead monarch- much like the British queen today- which is what will happen if democratic reforms are instituted. The Arab people need to realize that blaming the US can only go so far- what is truly needed is an in-depth, inward glance into their own f*cked up institutions. Oh yeah, and end that weird gender apartheid thing going on. Then and only then, will Arab world finally join the rest of the us that are free.


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