24 May, 2004

The Wedding Singer Had Two Names

As everyone has two faces.
Anyway, been traveling around the internet finding more information of the wedding party that never was on the Iraq-Syria border. Lots of conflicting reports from the witnesses; according to some, the party was in full sing, with the band playing and people drinking; while someone else says that everyone was asleep. Whether or not there was celebratory gunfire (a phenomenom i have never completely understood- in the Middle East or in Chicago during New Years) is also disputed. Whatever is going on, it still seems kinda weird to have a wedding party 3 in the morning in the desert right next to a known ferryline for foreign jihadists coming in from Syria...
Oh yeah, Michael Moore won the top prize for his anti-Bush film in wherelse? but France! Surprised anyone? The Euros love it...and they think Moore's rough American boyness "cute" (yet they hate Bush's cowboy Americaness- geez people, its only a degree of difference really)- I dont know man, I find it funny that Moore's fat slobbishness is thought "cute" and more authentically "American"...christ the man looks horrible and unwashed everytime I see him in public. Its like the more rabidly anti-Bush he becomes, the less he cares about his personal appeareance (remind you of any aluminum foil hat conspiracy people we know?). The man has truly gone down since "Roger and Me"- when I still liked Moore, the fat blowhard.
Hey, but the Euros like unwashed people, eh? (ha ha kidding, I love those smelly Europeans- they are the nicest people).


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