22 May, 2004

Home of the brave...and cheap.

"Let´s go out somewhere to-day" A said to me as we waited out the rain.
"Besides, there's things we need to get today..." Oh?
Being undergrads, and thus broke, we decided that we needed to shop somewhere with
scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel prices.
And where else could you find such prices but at Walmart. The one near Midway airport (yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a Walmart within the city limits of Chicago). And either because I was feeling quite vain at the moment (going to Walmart, must look city chic) or just tired of wearing pants, I put on a skirt and paired it with a nice top and cute red shoes, the kind you were out- not to Walmart.
A gave me a skeptical look "do you want to stand out there?", to which I replied "Yes, of course"
So we went...and it was good. It wasn't even as white trash as I thought it would be-and they even had these little awesome African frogs for almost nothing! We walked out of the store, pleased with our purchases- especially with the low low prices (84 cent for a rug? are they kidding?). And so I understood a little more about why everyone (well, almost) loves it...Nobody doesnt like giant corporations, especially Walmart!

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Anonymous said...

Kind of reminds me of the fact that Nobody doesn't look up to the US in times of need ...