22 May, 2004

Arab leaders are outraged....So what's new?

Arab leaders held a summit I believe yesterday, and the main topic was their collective outrage over the prison abuse scandal in Iraq. Hmmm, how convient for them that the US has become the new whipping dog over torture...allowing Arab leaders, it seems to me, to escape temporarily international scrutiny over humans rights abuses in their own countries and prisons- where people actually die!!!.
Check this resolution out....

A draft resolution includes a strong condemnation of the abuse by U.S. soldiers as "crimes and inhuman and immoral acts," saying it constitutes a "flagrant violation of human rights and international conventions. " The draft resolution demanded trials and punishment for those responsible.

How nice of the Arab leaders to condemn these abuses...oh wait, is that a prisoner hanging from a hook that I see in that prison in Saudia Arabia? Hmmmmm
Anyway, apparently Libyan leader Gadhafi walked out of the summit, pissed that everyone else is pissed that he acted "unilaterially" in surrendering his weapons program to the US, British and other allies. Can we get a big WTF in the house....!
Ah, those silly Arab leaders....

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