30 May, 2004

Not to worry

I have not abandoned my loyal reader....its just this weekend was spent in recovery after some wild, Baachus-like festivites on Friday at the infamous Dollar Party, attended by A and me...and a whole bunch of other somewhat sexually repressed college students (BUT, not so sexaully repressed that we would strap a bomb to ourselves, we're not as desperate as the jihadists- there is a little play at UC).
Anyway, its kinda old news but here is an editoral about the murder of a pregnant woman and her four little girls by two Palestinian jihadists. The writer rightly points out that none of the big-wigs, who are usually so quick to condemn any action taken by Israel that results in a Palestinian death, said anything about this horrific act of senseless violence (hey Kofi!) I can see how deaths may result on the part of Israel military action, considering that gunmen are usually shooting at them, and the little children are often outside throwing rocks and bullets often find targets for which they were not intended...but this murder was intentional and it was done to terrify. The gunmen took their time, humilating and killing the pregnant mother first before turning their guns on her four, frightened little girls. Sick.
And the left would have us believe that somehow, these guys are the good ones and it is the evil Zionest Jews that are bad. Or it could be that no one gives a sh*t if a Jew is murdered...especially those Europeans...well, we all know how they feel about that issue.


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